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Mailer Envelope

Think for a moment of how the mail looks when it arrives at your home or office. It will be oriented with the addresses all facing you and sorted from smallest to largest. Keep this in mind when you are designing your direct mail piece and improve the chances that your mailer will stand out from the rest of the mail.
If an envelope is being printed with a return address and a postal indicia, then it costs nothing extra to have teaser copy printed at the same time. Teaser copy is anything - a picture, an image, text or a combination - that piques the reader's curiosity or arouses interest.

When Should You Advertise?

We’d like to share with you words of wisdom from the 300-member American Business Media, which was founded in 1906. We run our business by these words and encourage you to do the same:

When times are good,
you should advertise.

When times are bad,
you must advertise.

Convert Text to Curves

When saving a file in CorelDraw for transfer to us, it is often a good idea to convert unusual fonts to curves before sending the file to us. This way no font substitutions will take place. But keep a copy of the original so that you can edit it again if you need to.

Choose Your Paper

Often a print project can have a different look and feel to it depending on what stock is used and what finishing options are chosen.
When you are talking to us in the quoting and order process, don’t be shy about asking us for different options that are  available to see what the best solution for your project is.

Talk to Us

It is very important to us to deliver your printing order exactly as you expect it – on time, as ordered, and at the price agreed upon. And while we always make our best effort and will never knowingly deliver a substandard product, this is custom manufacturing and there are times when you may be disappointed with the job, for whatever reason.
When this happens, please let us know!

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Printing Specifications and Quoting

In addition to issuing clear specifications for your print job, it is a good idea to provide a PDF file or a mockup of the piece to be printed, even if it is not yet in final form. Having something to review in comparison to the specifications allows us to check the specifications for accuracy and perhaps to develop alternative specifications that will produce the same outcome. For example, we may have a house sheet that is the equivalent to what you have specified but is more economical because we buy it in high volume.
Providing us with a PDF file or mockup is also a good idea when you are developing a budget for a printing project. Although written specifications alone do provide a basis for an accurate quotation, it is very useful to have the file so we can check for technical issues or a level of difficulty that may not be apparent from the specifications alone.

Online Catalogue

Do you have jobs you often need printed exactly the same? Forms, General Brochures and Business Cards for example? Would you like to order them on the web whenever you have time? Give us a call at 250-860-6858 and ask for Alexandra to contact you with our "VIP" details.

Effective design is a result of studying good design

Start collecting samples of great ads and flyers and keep them in a file to use for reference and inspiration at a later point.
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