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Why does half the space on a post card have to be devoted to the address?

It may surprise you to learn that it doesn’t! The practice of placing a vertical line midway across the post card and using all the space to the right for the outbound address is a holdover from post card designs dating back to 1907.
The term for the part of the post card containing the outbound address is the address block, and the amount of space required for it depends on the elements of the address – the number of lines and the length of the longest line. In addition, Canada Post has requirements for the location of the address block.
Depending on the size of the post card, the amount of information in the address block, and other items such as the return address and the postal indicia, it may be possible to devote much more room than you thought to the sales message or teaser copy.

CMYK, RGB, PMS colours - how do I know, what’s the best colour space to design my document in?

When printing digitally in full colour, you have the greatest amount of freedom as our printing systems can accept almost anything. Many times when we have clients give us Word or Publisher files (or PDF files created out of those native applications), they are designed in RGB - and our systems simply translate it to CMYK as we print digital full colour.
If your job is produced through the offset-printing process, the file should be created in CMYK for full colour printing and in PMS colours for spot colour printing.
If you are not sure which colour space to use for your next project, our office is only a phone call away - it’s a good idea to call us before you start your design process if you have questions to avoid having to spend additional time later to fix mistakes.

My company needs to advertise in a publication whose advertising rates are straining our budget. Can you provide ideas for making a small ad effective?

Over the years, we at Print Three have developed some tricks for organizing text to improve readability. Try these techniques:

  • Add contrast to large blocks of text by using headlines, subheads, headers, footers, pull quotes, sidebars and bulleted lists.
  • Make headlines larger and use a different font than the body copy.
  • Add a one-point rule above & below a subhead spanning two columns.
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