Quality is very important to us. We want you to look your best. Whether it's for advertising, training or reference. In today's tough economic climate you just can't afford to be below average. The look of your printed material is very important since this is often the only (or the only lasting) impression you can make on a new or existing client. How do you want to be remembered? Professional or average? Who do you think will get the call?

Businesses are shifting away from monochrome to digital colour printing and are so accustomed to colour's added value that it is rapidly becoming a necessity in the marketplace - not to stand out, but to not fall behind.

Do you think it is adviseable that your documents look cheap if you want to tell your clients "I do quality work/sell quality products and it's OK to give me your money"? You tell them you're great and you want to provide good value for them and at the same time you hand out materials that look otherwise? Of course not. You need to take every advantage you can get to show everyone how great you are and that you care. After all - are you going to care about them if you don't care about yourself?
New technology has made it easy for companies of all sizes to have a professional image that's affordable. You don't have to print thousands of brochures any more just to keep them affordable on a per piece cost - and then throw half of them out because the information gets outdated so fast.
Short run full colour digital laser imaging helps you. Works for you. Sells for you.

But how effecitive is colour compared to Black and White really?

Colour conveys a sense of professionalism
Colour can increase motivation by up to 80%
Colour can make an impression that is 39% more memorable
Colour can reduce errors by 80%
Colour can increase comprehension by as much as 73%
Colour can increase learning and retention by 78%
Colour can increase payment response by up to 30%
Colour can increase readership 41% over Black & White
Colour can increase reader's attention spans and recall by up to 82%
That's definitely worth a look, isn't it?

(Some information provided by Canon)