Our Black and White production systems are digital from the ground up, and that makes it better in every way. Every copier/printer should be as productive and reliable as our Canon imageRUNNER 7105. Output quality is outstanding and speed is amazing. Up to 105 images per minute - that's over 6,000 in an hour. This means fast production when you need it.

Originals are recorded digitally just one time, and then multiple copies are produced from this "digital master", for high reliability and speed. We can keep this "digital master" on file for you for these jobs where you don't have the original digital file, and your forms or manuals are being copied over and over and over... and the "quality" starts showing it. So, when you are not ready to get a fresh and new design, you can at least preserve the existing quality by having us keep this "digital master" on file.
Of course this machine really shines as a high-volume high-quality digital imager printing directly from the computer. Some would call it an overgrown highest-quality laser printer, but it can do so much more - it even prints on heavy card stock for covers and inexpensive sturdy handouts.
And the best thing about printing directly from the computer? High image quality since every set is an original. We don't just print you one master and then copy it. Every print is an original!
It can even automatically collate, staple up to 100 sheets and 3-hole punch your documents. And we can add page and set numbering to copy-jobs from paper originals without needing the digital file.

Today, most documents are electronic. And this is great for archiving and remote research. But nothing beats the printed page for learning, advertising and even in most cases for reference. How often did you go to a webpage and then printed it out to keep it or to just have faster access to it? Paper is still very much in demand. And why not look your best with digital imaging?
Industry experts say the average cost per page of a document printed to desktop printer (HP, Lexmark, etc.) is 5 to 7 cents. That's fine for a print here and there, but do you really want to stand there watching it spit out one slow page after the other, wasting your time while we can do it for you? Just send us your files electronically and don't worry about this big report you need to get printed or the training manuals that need to be done. And we can professionaly bind them for you or have them hole punched - ready for your binders.
We can produce your manuals, reference items, catalogues, price sheets and other items you require to run, promote and grow your business. Even smaller runs of custom carbonless forms are now possible with this technology. Isn't it a lot better having your company name and address printed on a customized receipt form than just having a stamp on one of these generic forms? Unless your company is generic of course - but most companies are unique. And they want to show it. Now these companies can do it in small and in large scale. We understand that you are unique and have very different needs than other companies. Talk to us and let's see how we can grow together.

(Some information provided by Xerox)